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   What is the material of Bale net wrap ? Date:2019-5-8

What is the material of Bale net wrap ?

The use of Bale net wrap in agriculture is increasing, so what material is Bale netwrap made of?

Generally speaking, Bale netwrap is a kind of knitting material made of plastic sand thread produced by knitting machine. Straw baling net is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is drawn and woven through a series of wires.

Straw Bale netwrap can also be called straw baling net. In the season of harvesting rice, the weather pollution becomes more and more serious. Straw Bale net wrap can be used to make full use of and protect the environment.

Tiandi Company is a professional Bale netwrap manufacturer, providing Bale netwrap of various specifications.

The single wire tensile strength of each Bale netwrap is 60 N, and the whole baling net strength is more than 2500 N/M.

Bale net wrap

Application scope and advantages of Bale netwrap: Bale netwrap are suitable for harvesting and storage of straw and forage in large farms and grasslands; Bale net wrap can also play a winding role in industrial packaging.

So Bale net wrap are a favorite tool for farmers.



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