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   What are the characteristics of Bale net wrap Date:2019-3-4

What are the characteristics of Bale net wrap

1. Save bundling time with straw Bale netwrap

The Bale netwrap can be packed in only 2-3 laps, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work and reduces the friction of the equipment, thus saving fuel. The surface of the Bale netwrap can be easily laid flat on the ground.
Bale netwrap
The open net facilitates straw falling off the net surface to form more weatherproof hay rolls. Strapping hay with hemp rope will form a concave degree. Rainwater infiltration will cause hay to rot.

The loss of Bale netwraps can be reduced by up to 50%. This loss is much more wasteful than the cost of Bale netwraps.

2. The Bale netwrap is very suitable for the use of silage rolls.
The flat surface of Bale netwraps saves the time of spreading nets. When feeding, the film and the net fall off together as a whole. At the same time, it is convenient to take and unload.

3. It's very convenient to cut and remove Bale netwrap. There's no need to worry about not finding the edge of the nets, and the volume of the Bale netwrap can be greatly reduced at the end of the treatment.



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